PMG Ancients

PMG Ancients cover artPMG Ancients is an easy to learn set of rules for gaming with miniatures for time periods covering from 3000 B.C. all the way up to just before gunpowder warfare. This system makes use of players alternating activation of units during Artillery, Missile and Standard Troop phases and simultaneous Hand to Hand combat.

We are using the Wargame Vault to preview and sell these rules.  Please follow this link to my page on their site.  PMG Ancients on Wargame Vault.

Price: $10.00

  • Supported scales: both 15mm and 25mm
  • Well thought out and tested point system
  • System uses 10 sided dice instead of 6 side dice to allow for greater accuracy of intended percentage chances
  • Freely able to pre-measure all movement and range firing
  • Unit morale
  • Fast Play System
  • Single Sheet with all Charts
  • Full Index